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In the world of home ownership, property loss can be devastating—and depending upon the severity of the loss, can change your world in an instant. These events are unexpected and never give advance notice. In addition, emotions such as uncertainty, fear, and confusion can affect an individual tremendously and may hinder the decision-making process. Navigating your claims process requires precise knowledge that’s needed to receive the most money for your claim.

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The Homeowners Advocate

While some homeowners rely solely on the claims advice of their insurance adjuster, many policyholders should be aware that there is another professional who will also help them navigate the insurance process and advocate for a higher payout. That person is called a Public Adjuster (PA).

Loss of a home through fire, flood or water damage, theft, or hail or wind damage requires a licensed professional that will be your advocate from beginning to end through the entire claims process. 

Homeowners Advocate
What does a public adjuster do?

Who Are Public Adjusters?

Licensed by the state, PAs are insurance professionals who can represent you—not the insurance companies. Insurance companies have their own adjusters that protect their interests, but PAs work to protect YOUR interests. They are knowledgeable about replacement costs, repairs, loss of business income and other critical areas of which the general public is not aware.

In most cases and depending upon your claim, PAs can assist you in ensuring that your insurance company pays you all monies that they are obligated to pay you for your property loss and damage. Owner, Maurice Holmes, adds the following eye-opening statement.

“Most homeowners have no idea how much money is left on the table that belongs to them.”

What Do We Do?

Since qualified PAs do not work for any one insurance company or contractor, their single goal is to advocate strictly on your behalf with your insurance company. In addition, you are always free to use your funds to hire the contractor of your choice—that decision is left totally to you.

If there were additional monies due to you from your claim wouldn't you want to know? Most homeowners would welcome that knowledge. MB Holmes is one such PA that is qualified in the industry to advise you if you may be entitled to a higher settlement.

Who Are Public Adjusters
Find Out More

Find Out More

As you take steps toward renewal and restoration of your dwelling and property, consider contacting MB Holmes Public Adjusters to inquire about your specific claim.

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