Our Process

Step One - Request an Evaluation

Request an Evaluation.

Your process starts by choosing to talk with us initially about your loss and property damage. We have set up a very simple way to give us details about your loss. Please go to the tab on our website that says, Request an Evaluation and fill out the form. Your details are important for us to determine if we can help you. When the form is completed, click ‘Submit’ and we will review your information. Once your form is reviewed, we will contact you.

We want you to be at ease with our process and will take the time to speak with you about your concerns. It’s important for us to know that we understand your needs and can communicate with you freely and easily.

Is there a Cost?

When you get paid, we get paid. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

In most cases there is no initial cost or money out of pocket. As a PA, we charge a percentage of whatever a policyholder’s insurance carrier eventually pays for a claim. For example, if your insurance company pays you $100,000 for your claim, we would be owed 10% of that settlement which is $10,000.

Please Note: In Texas, a PA's fee cannot exceed 10% of the settlement of the claim.

Step Two - Hire Us, We File

Hire Us, We File Your Claim.

Once we speak with you and learn the details of your property loss, we will determine if we can work with you on your case. When you decide to hire us to represent you as your PA, we will file a claim on your behalf without committing to a contractor. The contractor you use is your choice. Our claims take into account a full assessment of the entirety of your damage, including meticulous details and descriptions of the contents of your dwelling.

Hiring a public adjuster is a wise choice, especially if your claim is for a high amount. Since there is little risk to using a PA, you can benefit greatly from allowing us to determine the scope of your damage and determine if a claim should be filed.

Step Three - We Handle Your Claim

As Your Public Adjuster, We Handle Your Claim.

When hire us to represent you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a firm with integrity and high ethical standards. Additionally, you will not have to navigate the waters of property damage by yourself.

As your PA, we know the industry and industry language, the correct documentation to file, the costs of materials and repairs, as well as the fine art of negotiation on your behalf. We want the insurance company to settle fairly for the amount you are rightly owed.

The following are some of the services you can expect from us when we are hired:

  • Review Declarations, Policies and Endorsements and prepare your claim
  • Determine if you have additional coverage
  • Obtain samples for forensic estimation and laboratory testing if necessary
  • Review any loss of business income and prior payments or claims
  • Schedule an inspection such as interior, exterior, attic, and key areas
  • Gather extensive photo and video documentation
  • Contact civil officials such as engineers, city inspectors, and Fire Marshal, if necessary
  • Notify law enforcement in case of theft, vandalism
  • Assist with temporary relocation
  • Write a narrative report and submit proof of loss
Step Four - You Receive a Settlement

You Receive a Settlement.

You will receive a proposal for a settlement from your insurance company. It is possible that your proposed settlement is unsuitable. You need not hire an attorney to dispute your claim—we can manage that for you. As a qualified PA, negotiation is what we do best.